The Helo Difference

The Helo Commercial Difference
The Helo Difference is notable - beginning with the design, but continuing to the less obvious details.
Finest Lumber
Our premium Western Red Cedar is the most select. To ensure that no distortion of the wood takes place after construction, the kiln-dried lumber is shipped from the mill to our climate controlled warehouse. A moisture content of sauna lumber of 12% or less is critically important; if moisture has accumulated, the wood may shrink and split at high temperatures. All Helo saunas include, as standard, a foil vapor barrier.
Western Red Cedar is a superior sauna wood because it is least hot to the touch, it has the most beautiful color variation, and it has a pleasant aroma. It has very high resistance to discoloration, splintering, warping, and decay.
Broad Sauna Heater Line
Helo heaters range from 1.7kW to 14.4kW (all UL or ETL listed).
Factory Direct Sales and Support
Helo specializes in factory-direct support. That means you work directly with our expert team to efficiently get everything you need to take care of your project.
Custom Designed to Your Specifications
From your design or ours, we will provide a sauna virtually any size or shape. Ask for our Sauna Design Manual, including in depth information on sauna guidelines, specifications, CAD drawings, bench and wall construction details, window alternatives, wiring diagrams, and installation instructions.
A complete line of heat-bathing products - Saunas, Steam Baths, and Infrared Rooms
Helo's product line is second to none, and includes a virtually infinite range of saunas (custom-cut material packages and panel-built packages); a broad range of acrylic modular steam rooms; a wide range of steam bath generators from the small plug-in 120-volt version up to our hard-working commercial boilers. Additionally, Helo's product range includes Infrared Sauna Rooms. founded, the most important thing your company does, what you care most about, and what sets you apart from similar businesses.)
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