Helo Commercial - Sauna
Helo Commercial has the knowledge and products to properly guide you through product selection and specification regardless of the scope of your project.
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Choosing the correct heater and control combination may be one of the most important decisions, as the sauna heater is the heart and soul of the sauna.  Room size, type of use (commercial or residential), and operating hours all help determine the best fit for the sauna.
These saunas are designed to be built-in to a project in most any size or shape.  Most popular.
These saunas are popular for remodels or leased spaces where building-in is not ideal. Easy installation.
Sauna heaters are the heart and soul of the sauna. Many choices are available based on room size.
These heaters combine beautiful European design with massive rock capacities & high-tech materials.
The right control can make a sauna experience even more enjoyable. Controls range from dialed to digital.
Door options range from narrower doors for residential to bigger doors for ADA compliance.
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