Panel-Built Saunas

Panel-Built Saunas
Your room will look almost identical to one built from a custom-cut interior package, but it will require far less labor. You can erect your free standing panel-built sauna in an afternoon - without special skills. Wall and ceiling panels, benches, guard rail, and duckboards are all pre-assembled and pre-drilled to fit perfectly. Interior and exterior trim is precisely cut to length. Because it is easily assembled in sections, it is also mobile. Clear, explicit instructions and job-specific drawings remove all the confusion and risk. The assembly is so easy, it's fun!
Enhance any part of your home with a Helo sauna. Meticulously designed for beauty, they are of exceptional quality and offer efficient assembly in as little as 60 minutes.
For Heavy-use Commercial Installations Upgrade to the Helo Pro Series Panel-Built Sauna
The most heavy-duty panel-built sauna in the sauna industry. Walls constructed with 2"x3" Framing, a full seven feet of interior height, 4-1/2" framing on the benches, and a handicap accessible door makes this the ideal sauna for heavy-use commercial saunas. The Pro Series is another example of why Helo Commercial is "The Professional's Choice."
Panel-Built Kits are all inclusive:
All wall and ceiling pre-fabricated panels
Panels are finished inside and out, with clear, tongue and groove, Western Red Cedar, fully insulated, and include a foil vapor barrier
All interior and exterior trim
Plywood paneling is available as an option for exterior walls to be hidden, painted, papered, or tiled
Genuine Helo heater, rocks, and heater guard
Pre-hung door with glass window or all-glass door
Pre-assembled benches, head-rests, and duckboard flooring
Room light, thermometer, wooden bucket, dipper, and all hardware
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