Custom-Cut Saunas

Custom-Cut Saunas
The custom-cut interior sauna package contains everything you need to finish and equip the sauna interior after the room has been framed, wired, and insulated. Many elements are uniquely included or improved. The package is flexible to any dimensions and custom modifications.
Custom-Cut Sauna Packages Include:
 Wall and Ceiling Paneling
1x4, V-joint, T&G, kiln-dried Western Red Cedar
Wall boards are mounted vertically if any wall is longer than 8'.
Ceiling at 7' to keep the heat downward
Foil Vapor Barrier
To improve heat and humidity efficiency
Corner and Ceiling Trim
Bench Tops: 1x4 W.R. Cedar, standard bench is 24"
Bench Face: 1x4 W.R. Cedar
Bench Framing: 2x4 (2x6 on commercial benches longer than 6') with 1x4 clear cedar cross framing.
Bench comes pre-assembled.
Heater and Controls
Heater selected by square and cubic footage. Controls with thermostat, heat indicator light, light switch, and timer.
Heater Guard Rail
1x4 Western Red Cedar
Sauna Door
Pre-hung door with 16"x67" window (27"x67" on 3'0" door), handles, and hinges.
Standard Accessories Package
Bucket, dipper, thermometer, and wall light and fixture.
Duckboard Flooring
Western Red Cedar duckboard in walk area. Alternative: 
Installation Instructions
Clear and explicit. For any level of experience.
Computer-Aided Shop Drawings
Top and elevation views personal touch.  
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